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United Kingdom Les Joli LTD

Organic Argan Oil; Elixir Shampoo; Organic Argan Oil with Lavender; Elixir Ha...

Western Europe - United Kingdom

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Les Joli is more than a business providing cosmetic solutions, it is a conscious effort to research, develop and provide products that are not only wonderful to use, but their main focus is about achieving results in a healthier way.

While many products express the desire to assist you with your cosmetic goals, they fail to mention the counter-intuitive ingredients within them.

Harsh chemicals, colours, preservatives and perfumes among many other non-required harmful ingredients will be found in many of the beauty products currently sitting on your shelves. These so called active ingredients and chemicals, may be the very causes of some of the problems we aim to counter when we purchase our cosmetics.

Natural and Organic is the fundamental principle behind our products, and in a society where the unnatural has become the common standard, we aim to educate and draw you away from this mode of thinking.

In order to assist us with bringing you a range of products bound by the p... [Details]
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